How You Can Help

We are offering four different sponsor packages – from $300 – $10,000. Each includes a variety of benefits that will give your company exposure at the Elevate Leadership Summit. We are happy to discuss tailored sponsorship opportunities.

Diamond $10,000 Platinum $5,000 Gold $1,000 Silver $300
Key Note Sponsor X
Logo placement on all supplemental advertising material X
Business write up on website, linked to your homepage X
Mention of your company in all radio, newspaper and social media ads X
Introduction of your business and the keynote speaker X
Introduction of your business and the closing speaker  (If only one sponsor at this level) X
Video Interview on website and Facebook page X X
Introduction of your business at breakout session speakers X X
Mention of your company’s sponsorship in the event brochure X X X
Verbal recognition at the Luncheon X X X
Business spotlight on Facebook page X X X
Logo placement on all print materials: pledge forms, posters, etc. X X X
Tickets provided 20 10 4 1
Employee tickets available at discounted price X X
Types of advertisement provided in the event brochure Full Page Half Page Quarter Page Logo
Logo displayed on PowerPoint X X X X
Opportunity to place promotional material in swag bags X X X X
Opportunity to donate giveaways at the end of event X X X X
Customizable packages available upon request                                                                                            (i.e. Notebook Sponsor, Water Bottle Sponsor, etc.)
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