Andy Worshek, SPHR

Keynote Speaker
Turn the Ship Around! Speaker/Facilitator

David Horning

Andy Worshek served as Sonar Chief and Chief of the Boat for the USS Santa Fe with David Marquet. He is an expert in developing leaders and is prominently mentioned in David’s award winning book, Turn the Ship Around! For nearly a decade after serving with David on USS Santa Fe Andy took the leader-leader approach to three more navy commands and enjoyed the benefits of developing leaders.

His unique perspective as one who served in both the follower and leader role with David exposes both the challenges of implementing intent-based leadership from all levels as well as the incredible results of practicing these principles.
Since his retirement from the Navy, Andy served as the Director of Human Resources and Personnel Development for McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP, the premier accounting firm in Wyoming. Andy is now a speaker with Turn the Ship Around!

Alex Bolinger, PhD

Alex Bolinger

Dr. Alex Bolinger is an Associate Professor of Management in the College of Business at Idaho State University. He teaches classes on negotiation and decision-making, teamwork, and relational leadership. His research on teamwork, negotiation, entrepreneurship, and service work challenges has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Cornell Hospitality Quarterly,among other outlets.

An advocate of student engagement with the community, Dr. Bolinger has facilitated signature learning experiences for his students such as the “Make-a-Wish Challenge,” book-writing projects, and the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition in Anaheim, California. He was voted by the Associated Students of Idaho State University as the school’s “Professor of the Year” for 2015-2016.

Stacey Gibson

Stacey Gibson

An Idaho native, Ms. Stacey Gibson is Idaho State University’s Director of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Diversity and a member of the President’s Cabinet. She is ISU’s Title IX Administrator and Chief Diversity Officer. Ms. Gibson has been with ISU since 2006, serving as Director for the past 6 years, previously working in ISU’s Human Resource department. Ms. Gibson has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management degree with a Human Resource emphasis and a Master’s of Public Administration degree. She is currently a student in the Higher Education Administration doctoral program at ISU. Ms. Gibson has many professional certification including: Certified Civil Rights Investigator, Certified Title IX Administrator and Certified Affirmative Action Professional. Ms. Gibson also teaches Labor and Employment Law as faculty in ISU’s College of Business.

Ms. Gibson is also responsible for ISU’s Diversity Resource Center (DRC) and Gender Resource Center (GRC). The mission of these centers is to provide programming and education to the campus and the community. Ms. Gibson has conducted hundreds of workshops, panel discussions, and events at ISU. She frequently speaks on issues and is recognized as a community leader on diversity and inclusion.

At ISU, the EO/AA and Diversity Office is responsible for investigating all claims of bias harassment and discrimination, including sexual assault under Title IX. As Title IX Administrator, Ms. Gibson leads a team of investigators and is responsible for training all students, faculty and staff about these issues. She works with students who have experienced sexual assault on a regular basis, guiding them through the process and getting them support.

Ms. Gibson is a current board member of NWATIXA and was a founding board member of the CUPA-HR Intermountain West Chapter.

David Horning

David Horning

After those words of “encouragement” delivered by a high school teacher after grading a paper I wrote on wanting to perform comedy for a living, he decided to give up on comedy and go to college for political science. After coasting through school without much passion, I was inspired to move to New York City by a friend who decided that acting in front of hundreds of people every night on a Broadway stage was a realistic goal. My perspective changed: “If he can do that, why can’t I do comedy in packed arenas?”

In August of 2012, I moved from Akron, Ohio to New York City with the dream of one day being a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live. Enrolling in sketch comedy writing classes at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB), I went on to write, co-produce, and star in two web series,’ wrote and co-starred in a video featured on the front page of humor website Funny or Die, and performed my unique brand of character comedy at clubs around the city. In June of 2014, I was presented with the opportunity to produce a sketch comedy show at Carolines on Broadway. Jumping on the opportunity to be featured at one of the world’s most storied comedy clubs, I created “Laundry Day,” along with some of UCB’s funniest performers, and served as the show’s producer. After only two performances, the show went on to be selected as part of the 2014 New York Comedy Festival in November of that year.

Our passion is located at the intersection of our interests and talents, it fills a need, and is centered around giving to others. This revelation inspired me to return to the Northeast Ohio area in the fall of 2014. As an avid researcher of the practical impact of human behavior, self-development, leadership, management, and positive psychology, I saw an opportunity to use what I had learned to deliver a more meaningful message than just comedy. Seeing a need for perspective in the world, I decided to fuse motivational speaking and comedy together, and I have spoken for businesses, professional organizations, service clubs, college students and faculty, and convention audiences around the country. Being able to inspire laughter, empowerment, and growth inspires me to wake up each morning with one mission in mind: to inspire others to do the same.

Mark Stevens

“The Square and the Triangle – Leadership Made Simple”

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens is the owner and CEO of The Square and the Triangle, Coaching and HR Consulting, Inc. Mark is an author, public speaker, and highly experienced human resources professional. He teaches and consults on a wide variety of employment and leadership topics, including, but not limited to Leadership Development, Management Practices and Training, Employee Engagement, Applied Employment Law, Anti-Harassment, and more. Mark has nearly twenty years of management and human resources experience across multiple industries and multiple states, including biomedical, healthcare, logistics and warehousing, and retail. He is also the author of The Square and the Triangle; The Power of Integrating Relationships and Results in Workplace Culture, available on Amazon.com. More details can be found at www.thesquareandthetriangle.com

Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Inspiring Others Through Authenticity

Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Kathryn Kemp Guylay has spent more than 25 years in the business and nonprofit management world as a coach, executive director, management consultant, and CEO. Her clients have included IBM, GE, 3M, Motorola, Siemens and dozens of other Fortune 500/100 companies as well as small and mid-sized companies.

Most recently, Kathryn has taken her experiences from these world-class international organizations to serve the entrepreneurial community as the CEO of the Ketchum Innovation Center, an ecosystem of business and innovation in the beautiful mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho. Kathryn also serves entrepreneurs all over the world with her online coaching focused on strategy, productivity, and personal growth.

Her current entrepreneurial project is Make Everything Fun (MakeEverythingFun.com), a platform for online education, training, resources and podcasts with four pillars: 1) Make Publishing Fun, 2) Make Nutrition Fun, 3) Make Wellness Fun, and 4) Make Entrepreneurship fun. Kathryn is working on her seventh book and has received ten awards for her books, which span nonfiction, self-help, and children’s books.

Kathryn’s known for being “relentlessly helpful” to her clients and partners, and she loves delivering speeches and trainings year-round on topics spanning positive psychology, leadership, publishing, corporate wellness, and business strategy.

A life-long leaner, Kathryn has supplemented her BA and MBA with numerous achievements, including a Certification in Nutritional Counseling (CNC), Faculty membership in the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), a certified trainer for Marci Shimoff’s Happy for No Reason program, and a certified trainer for Jack Canfield. She’s been featured as an expert in nutrition, wellness, publishing, and entrepreneurship on ABC, CBS, NPR, Publishers Weekly and hundreds of radio interviews and articles. Kathryn has also served on panels and boards for nonprofits, including the Independent Book Publisher’s Association, Nurture, The Hunger Coalition, and numerous educational institutions.

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